These are just a few of many Wasser Coating solutions. For a full array of Wasser products click HERE.


MC-Zinc 100

Wasser’s proven, high-performance,  single-component, moisture-cure urethane, organic zinc-rich primer is now formulated to meet the strict VOC requirements for industrial maintenance coatings. 83% zinc in the dry film makes MC-Zinc 100 the optimum, zinc-rich primer.

MC-Universal 100

MC-Universal is non-metallic (DTM) high-build primer, ideal for protecting non-ferrous metal, pitted steel or steel with complex geometry. The Low environmental impact, and it’s ability to provide excellent corrosion protection in a non-metallic metal primer, make this the primer of choice in maintenance painting for plants and other facilities



MC-Luster 100

Wasser’s most specified, aliphatic, semi-gloss topcoat.MC-Luster 100 is an ideal MCU urethane topcoat with easy recoatability, excellent resistance to UV, weathering and abrasion.

MC-Ferrox A 100

Wasser's micaceous iron oxide (MIO) enriched matte-finish, aliphatic moisture cure urethane topcoat.

MC-Clear 100

Wasser’s clear, semi gloss and gloss-finishes, aesthetic topcoat. They provide excellent resistance to UV, weathering and abrasion in a moisture cure urethane coating.



MC-Tar 100

Wasser combined moisture-cure urethane technology, micaceous iron oxide, and refined tar resin to produce a superior corrosion resistant coating. MC-Tar 100 has proven performance in severe exposure, and is recommended for application on various substrates for immersion, atmospheric, and buried environments. It has the ability to provide outstanding barrier protection in one-coat or multi-coat systems.

MC-Polyflex 201 PW

Wasser Polyflex 201 PW is an NSF 61 listed, high performance polyurea coating/lining for steel and concrete tanks. Wasser Polyflex 201 PW offers superior service life in a variety of climatic conditions for potable water or chemical service.

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